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World Cup draw is set

4 Dec

The groups are set for the 2010 World Cup. Host South Africa will open the tournament on June 11 against Mexico. At first glance, group G looks like the toughest one of the bunch with Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast and Portugal. The US ended up with a pretty good draw in group C – it’s definitely a group they can get out of. The Yanks will open with England and also play Algeria and Slovenia. Only 188 days to dissect all the possibilities…

Group A                            Group B
South Africa                      Argentina
Mexico                                Nigeria 
Uruguay                             South Korea
France                                 Greece

Group C                          Group D
England                             Germany
USA                                    Australia
Algeria                              Serbia
Slovenia                           Ghana

Group E                        Group F
Netherlands                  Italy
Denmark                        Paraguay
Japan                              New Zealand
Cameroon                     Slovakia

Group G                      Group H
Brazil                              Spain
North Korea                Switzerland
Ivory Coast                 Honduras
Portugal                       Chile


World Cup draw is just over an hour away!

4 Dec

The draw for the 2010 World Cup can be seen on ESPN2 live at 12 p.m. ET.  It can also been seen online at ESPN360.com for those of you (like me) who are stuck at work.  You can also follow the goings-on in Cape Town on Yahoo.

Lastly, here’s what the official World Cup match ball looks like:

(-/AFP/Getty Images)


World Cup latest

2 Dec

FIFA has decided that there will be no extra referees in World Cup matches, although bungling president Sepp Blatter said there are plans to add more officials and/or technology later on. FIFA, why are you waiting?! If you want to keep the integrity of the game intact, you need to make some changes now. Heaven forbid you do something out of the box. Like I said yesterday, if anything like the Henry incident happens in the World Cup itself, there will be hell to pay.  If it weren’t for the Henry handball, this wouldn’t be a big deal, however since it did happen, the refereeing will be scrutinized even more than usual in 2010.

FIFA has also announced the top eight seeds for Friday’s draw. Host South Africa, along with Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Argentina and England are the seeded teams. FIFA used their October rankings to determine the seeded teams, although there has been speculation that France was denied a seeding based on their controversial qualification. However, France was ninth in the October rankings, so they wouldn’t have been seeded anyways. Each group will have one team from each pot.

As far as the U.S. goes, it’s looking like they could be in for a tough group. However, they’ve shown that they can play with anyone (Spain, Brazil in the Confederations Cup) and if they can use that confidence and play a solid 90 minutes, they could do good things.

World Cup pots for final draw
Pot 1 – South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Argentina, England
Pot 2 – Australia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, New Zealand, Honduras, Mexico, USA
Pot 3 – Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
Pot 4 – Denmark, France, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland

FIFA denies Ireland spot in the World Cup

1 Dec

Not surprisingly, FIFA has turned down Ireland’s request to be the 33rd team in the World Cup. The Irish made the request after being knocked out by France thanks to a blatant handball from Thierry Henry.

At this point, the Irish are out of luck (no pun intended). However, FIFA desperately needs to learn from this situation and make some changes in time for the World Cup. Video replay would slow the game down too much, but adding an extra referee on the field or adding an goal area official would be beneficial to the game. There’s going to be errors regardless of what you do, it’s human nature, however, adding another pair of eyes to the field would help tremendously. Can you imagine if something like that had happened in the World Cup final? I guarantee there would be bloodshed.

I also think that FIFA/UEFA needs to punish Thierry Henry. If players have gotten bans for dives the ref didn’t initially see, why should Henry escape punishment for something the whole world knows he did? Of course UEFA president Michel Platini doesn’t want to punish a fellow countryman, but there has to be uniform punishment for cheating regardless of who does it.

On a more positive note, the World Cup draw is on Friday and will give us ammo for conversation for the months leading up to the cup. The results of the draw will be posted here.