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2009-10 in review

10 May

Well, another Premier League season is in the books. I just unearthed my preseason predictions:
Premier League champion: Chelsea
Top Four: Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Everton
Bottom Three: Portsmouth, Birmingham, Blackburn
Player of the Year: Fernando Torres
I got the champion right, go me, but my top four was just a little off and I was one of three on my bottom three. Fernando Torres spent way too much time on the sidelines to even be considered for player of the year.

Player of the year has yet to be decided, but my guess would be that Wayne Rooney wins it.  He’s been the most influential player on the pitch for United and racked up 26 league goals.  He’s already been voted the PFA Player of the Year.

My opinion of the season as a whole is slightly jaded due to the fact that Liverpool played themselves out of it pretty much immediately.  However, I will try to look past that.  It was a decently exciting season with the usual suspects going back and forth at the top of the table to the very last day (Yay for some drama).  Arsenal tried to elbow their way into the top two for a while, but couldn’t hold it together after losing Cesc Fabregas to injury.

“Highlights” of 2009-10:

  • Tottenham breaking into the top four. Way to break the strangehold, Spurs.
  • Portsmouth going into administration and subsequently getting relegated.
  • Portsmouth playing in the FA Cup final (against current holders Chelsea).
  • No English teams in the Champions League semifinals.
  • Steven Gerrard elbows Portsmouth’s Michael Brown in the head. Gets away with it.
  • John Terry sleeps with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend.  Bridge quits England, snubs Terry in pre-match handshake.  Whoa, drama.
  • Landon Donovan kicks ass on loan at Everton.  They don’t keep him.
  • Ah! Snow!  No one can handle it, so games get postponed.
  • Managers get sacked. (See: Mark Hughes, Phil Brown)
  • Liverpool’s season is doomed by a beach ball.
  • Didier Drogba whines. Wins Golden Boot.
  • Robbie Keane leaves Spurs…again.

What am I missing?  Let me know!


Liverpool looks to advance today, Bridge quits England

25 Feb

Liverpool holds a slim 1-0 lead over Unirea Urziceni going into the second leg of the Europa League round of 32.  The Reds put on a lackluster performance against Manchester City at the weekend and will look to improve on that by, ya know, scoring (preferably more than once).  In injury related news, Fernando Torres made a substitute appearance on Sunday after missing a little over a month with a knee injury.  He’ll likely be in the same type of role today as he is not fit enough to get the start.  Yossi Benayoun also made his return from a broken rib in Sunday’s match and could push for a starting role.  The winner of today’s match will face either Lille or Fenerbahçe.  Lille won the first leg in France, 2-1.

In other football news, Wayne Bridge has removed himself from consideration for the England squad.  After the Terry affair, Bridge has said that staying with the team could cause more problems down the road.  It’s unfortunate that it has come to this, especially since Bridge would be a likely starter at left back after an injury to Ashley Cole and was pretty much a lock to make the World Cup squad.  England manager Fabio Capello is now without his top two left backs and will need to find a suitable replacement as Cole’s fitness after returning from a broken ankle could be a question.

Terry doesn’t deserve England captaincy

2 Feb

So, essentially John Terry is England’s version of Tiger Woods, only Terry’s story is slightly dirtier.  Golf is an individual sport, so Tiger’s action essentially only hurt himself (and his family of course).  Terry’s alleged affair with a teammate’s girlfriend, abortion payment and other dalliances hurt both Terry and his wife and kids, as well as the English national team and Chelsea. 

It’s a World Cup year and as always, English hopes are high.  This year, the squad has a legitimate chance at the trophy after sailing through qualification.  Terry’s antics threaten to undermine all the work the team has done and the hope the country has. The cheated teammate, Wayne Bridge, is at best, a fringe player on the national team, however Terry is a shoo-in despite his issues and I highly doubt Fabio Capello will put them both on the squad after this fiasco (salt in the wound for Bridge, I’m sure).  In addition to being a quality player on the field, a captain needs to be a good leader off the field as well.  Especially in a soccer-mad country like England, the captain is held to a higher standard.  English fans (and I’m sure the squad itself) are cringing at the waves this is causing when all the focus should just be on the football.

Granted, Terry’s sordid affair (I’ve always wanted to write that) would be big news whenever it broke, but the timing is especially bad.  Capello needs to make a move to strip Terry of the captaincy and give it to someone who takes pride in representing the country and takes the responsibililty of the job seriously.

Wayne Bridge is to be commended for how he has handled the situation publicly.  He made one statement asking for privacy and that’s it.  Other celebrities take note: you don’t always have to air your case in the court of public opinion.  It’s better to keep things as private as possible.