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We’ve got a new #9 (and #7)

1 Feb

It’s official, the Fernando Torres era is over at Liverpool. The striker is now a Chelsea man. (Ugh, that sentence was harder to write than I thought.) While a stellar player while on form, Torres has contributed his fair share to Liverpool’s woes this season with lackluster and less than inspirational performances. You want to go right when things are starting to look up? Fine, your loss. Let’s move on, shall we?

With Torres gone, Liverpool replaced him with not one, but two, strikers. (Woo!) New No. 7 Luis Suarez (yeah, the same one who batted away the shot off the goal line in the Uruguay-Ghana game) and No. 9 Andy Carroll will look to partner up top for the Reds. Carroll is still out for a couple weeks with an injury, but should be back to health soon. They are both young and talented and I think they both have the potential to do good things (aka score goals).

Of course, the Torres transfer just made this weekend’s clash with Chelsea that much more juicy. I, for one, can’t wait.

More details and thoughts on the new duo to come later!


Cole signs with Liverpool

19 Jul

Former Chelsea man Joe Cole has signed a four year deal with Liverpool, supposedly worth around £90,000 a week (That’s about $137,000 for the Yanks out there).

Cole will replace Yossi Benayoun, who went to Chelsea earlier this summer. I think it could be a good signing (albeit a pricey one), but he’s battled injury issues and heaven knows, Liverpool does not need another player going through the injured/healthy cycle 50 times a season.  It is also a slight concern that he signed with Liverpool supposedly because they offered him the most $$$.  People that play for money are not nearly as committed in my opinion.

On the other hand, the signing shows that new manager Roy Hodgson is ready to do what it takes to get Liverpool back into the top four. With top players like Fernandon Torres, Steven Gerrard and Javier Mascherano all subject to transfer rumours, bringing in a strong player that can contribute right away is huge. Cole can be dangerous up the left or in the middle and will also be able to offer service to Torres up front.

What do you think of Cole’s signing?

Barcelona signs Villa

19 May

I didn’t really think it was possible, but Barcelona has made its attack more potent with the signing of Valencia’s David Villa.  The Spanish champions paid $49 million to secure Villa’s services.  Villa tallied 29 goals to help Valencia to a third place league finish and a Champions League spot.  He will join Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pedro and Bojan Krkic as part of an insanely talented offense. (Let’s be honest, Thierry Henry is done in Barcelona, especially after this signing.)

It’s a good signing for Barcelona because Villa will fit in their system and contribute right away.  They are not trying to put together a team of all-stars  just because they can (cough*Madrid*cough).  I’m calling it now: Barcelona = 2010/11 La Liga champs.

As a Liverpool fan, it would have been great to see Villa join the Reds.  Villa, along with current Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, form Spain’s front line and the duo could wreak havoc playing together on a regular basis.  Alas, tis but a dream. 

Anyways, now that it’s summer and transfer madness is in full swing, I’ll write about signings, but not too much about rumours.  (I’ll just fret internally about those – particularly the ones involving Liverpool’s best players.)  With transfers and of course, the World Cup, it should be an entertaining summer.

No, no, no

5 May

When I saw the headline Torres ‘set to sign for Chelsea’, it made me want to cry and/or punch someone.  Granted, it’s just a rumor at this point, but even so, it’s super depressing.  I don’t want to think too much about it, but Fernando Torres is so vital to Liverpool and they cannot afford to lose him.  The rumour speculates that he’ll go to Chelsea in order to play Champions League football, but it’s lame to leave a team after one down season (especially when you were hurt for most of it).

Torres calls out owners

15 Jan

“If we want to compete with (Manchester) United and Chelsea we need a much, much more complete squad. We need more genuinely first-class players and we can’t let our best players leave,” said Fernando Torres in the biggest DUH statement of the year. I knew there was a reason I liked this guy (I mean, other than the fact that he’s a beastly striker).

Reds sign Maxi, lose trio to injury

14 Jan

Ok, good news first.  Liverpool have signed winger Maxi Rodriguez on a free transfer from Atletico Madrid.  The Argentine signed a three and a half year deal at Anfield.  Rodriguez should be able to contribute right away, especially now that…

Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Yossi Benayoun are all injured.  Torres is out for at least six weeks after tearing cartlidge in his knee, while Benayoun is out 3-4 weeks with broken ribs.  Gerrard faces a fortnight on the sideline after straining his #$^%$ hamstring.  Yesterday truly was a crap day for Liverpool.

Liverpool are struggling mightily right now.  At this point, finishing in the top seven would be quite the achievement.  Despite the inability to close games out, there has been a lot of drama off the field as well.  The most recent instance being the lovely email response from board member (and owner’s son) Tom Hicks Jr. to a fan that had merely forwarded an op-ed piece from a newspaper. 

It makes me cringe to write this, but right now, the team reminds of the NFL’s Washington Redskins.  Both fan bases despise the owner of the club, there’s palpable tension between manager and ownership and the wins are almost there, but not quite.  Granted, the Redskins were extraordinarily bad this year (4-12) and Liverpool is mediocre at best, but the drop off for the Reds since last year’s runner-up finish has been quite spectacular.

Farewell Dossena

8 Jan

Can’t really say that Andrea Dossena will be missed at Anfield.  The Italian defender has signed a deal to head back to his home country and play for Napoli.  Although his goal against Manchester United in last season’s 4-1 thrashing was pretty sweet, he never made much of an impact on the squad.  In other Liverpool transfer news/rumours, the Reds are reportedly close to a deal with Atletico Madrid’s Maxi Rodriguez, but Rafa’s supposedly has limited dough to spend this transfer window.

The biggest deal of January thus far is Patrick Viera to Manchester City.  The now-former Inter man has his sights set on playing for France in the World Cup (and yes, France in South Africa still makes me slightly bitter) and thinks he can better reach that goal playing for City.