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Manchester United tops the charts again

22 Jul

Once again, Manchester United is the most valuable sports franchise in the world, valued at $1.83 billion.  In Forbes’ top 50 list, there are nine soccer teams overall and three in the top ten.  United’s reign at the top of the list is attributed to its worldwide fan base (supposedly at 139 million), plus huge deals with Nike and new shirt sponsor Aon.  The NFL rules the list though, thanks to a lucrative league-wide TV deal. Individually, David Beckham is the only footballer in the top ten after pulling in $43.7 million in the last 12 months.

Even as a Liverpool fan (ranked No. 41, by the way) I’d be interested to see United’s marketing plan just to figure out how they manage to have such global appeal.  I mean, hell, they are $67 billion more valuable than Arsenal, the next Premier League team on the charts (I think, I suck at math though so that might not be accurate).  However, it’s mind boggling that the most valuable sports franchise in the world is in debt.  That just should not happen.

Top Ten Most Valuable Teams
1. Manchester United (Premier League) – $1.83 billion
2. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) – $1.65 billion
3. New York Yankees (MLB) – $1.6 billion
4. Washington Redskins (NFL) – $1.55 billion
5. New England Patriots (NFL) – $1.36 billion
6. Real Madrid (La Liga) – $1.32 billion
7. New York Giants (NFL) – $1.18 billion
8. Arsenal (Premier League) – $1.18 billion
9. New York Jets (NFL) – $1.17 billion
10. Houston Texans (NFL) – $1.15 billion

Top Ten Athletes
1. Tiger Woods (USA/golf) – $105 million
2. Floyd Mayweather (USA/boxing) – $65 million
3. Kobe Bryant (USA/NBA) – $48 million
4. Phil Mickelson (USA/golf) – $46 million
5. David Beckham (ENG/soccer) – $43.7 million
6. Roger Federer (SUI/tennis) – $43 million
7. LeBron James (USA/NBA) – $42.8 million
8. Manny Pacquiao (PHI/boxing) – $42 million
9. Eli Manning (USA/NFL) – $39.9 million
10. Terrell Suggs (USA/NFL) – $38.3 million