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Manchester teams looks to continue strong start

26 Aug

Both Manchester United and Manchester City have started the season in dominating fashion and will look to continue that form Sunday against Arsenal and Tottenham, respectively, teams both fighting for their first wins of the season.  Meanwhile, Liverpool aims to improve on last season as they take on Bolton, where they only won once in the first eight games of the year (yikes).  Definitely a solid slate of games this weekend, especially considering the top four clash between Aston Villa and Wolves kicks off action for game week three.

Saturday, August 27

Aston Villa vs. Wolves – 7 a.m. ET/ESPN2 (Live)
Wigan vs. QPR – 7:23 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Live)
Swansea vs. Sunderland – 9:53 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Live)
Chelsea vs. Norwich – 10 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)
Blackburn vs. Everton – 10 a.m. ET
Liverpool vs. Bolton – 12:30 p.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)

Sunday, August 28
Newcastle vs. Fulham – 7:53 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Live)
Tottenham vs. Manchester City – 8:30 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)
West Brom vs. Stoke – 9:53 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Live)
Manchester United vs. Arsenal – 11 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)


Liverpool’s performance leaves much to be desired

18 Oct

I was in Chicago for the weekend to see the Chicago Fire-D.C. United game Saturday, so I made my way to The Globe Pub* for Sunday’s derby against Everton.  It was so fantastic getting to share in the misery of another crappy performance with other Reds fans. (That would be sarcasm, people.)  Now Liverpool might have played terribly, but Everton deserves credit for a solid performance. They fully deserved the win.

Liverpool, on the other hand, fully deserved to lose. It was another passion-less performance. If you can’t get up for a derby match, then there’s little hope for any other game.  The first half was particularly bad and the second was only marginally better. They couldn’t string passes together, the service was terrible and the field was too crowded in the middle.  Joe Cole and Maxi Rodriguez kept gravitating towards the center, which in turn gave Steven Gerrard and Raul Meireles less room to operate. Liverpool hasn’t been able to get much going down the flanks  at all this season and that’s one of several things that needs to change if they are going to turn things around.

Fernando Torres clearly has zero confidence and it shows. Opportunities he would have buried last year are taken a half-second too late. His touch has failed him too and the man can’t beat a defender to save his life right now.  Although it must be said that he’s not exactly getting phenomenal service or support right now, even his chemistry with Gerrard has been thrown off-kilter.

Tim Cahill’s opening goal came after he was left unmarked six yards out from goal. Generally it’s not a good idea to leave the other team’s top goal scorer wide open.  You could sense the goal coming and Liverpool would have been very lucky to go into half at 0-0.  Mikel Arteta’s goal in the second half was really quite spectacular and Pepe Reina had no chance at making that save.

The Reds did get some half-decent chances in the second half, but overall, the play around the penalty box was extremely poor. They would be able to string some passes together to build up an attacking chance, but once they hit the top of the 18, it all broke down, whether it was an errant pass or a bad touch.

The bubble of elation of finally getting rid of Hicks and Gillett was popped pretty quickly Sunday.  New owner John Henry was in attendance at Goodison Park and had to be thinking, ‘Really? This is the team I just bought?’  The Reds are currently 19th and based on their current form, fully deserve to be in the bottom three.

After the game, Roy Hodgson said that the players were “under pressure”, as if that’s a legitimate reason for being terrible. Every player at the top level of the game is under pressure.  That was a really lame excuse for another sorry performance, Roy.  You have a lot of work ahead of you to get this team back on track.

*As a soccer fan, The Globe is amazing. It’s a good thing I don’t live close by, otherwise I’d be broke. It’s open 24/7 and shows games live from all over the world. It’s also home to the Chicago branch of the LFC Supporter’s Club, who raffled off a signed Jamie Carragher jersey after Sunday’s game. (And I was only four numbers off winning, damn.) Of course, the Globe is not only about the soccer, but also shows rugby, Aussie Rules, and many other sports.

It’s official: Liverpool has a new owner

15 Oct

After enough drama to last a lifetime, New England Sports Venture announced that it has completed the purchase of Liverpool FC. Earlier today, Tom Hicks and George Gillett withdrew their restraining order stopping the sale of the club. They now intend to pursue damages of 1.6 billion instead since the new deal was an “extraordinary swindle”. Yep, still assholes, but assholes that are no longer in charge of Liverpool, so thank goodness for that.  Apparently, they also offered to pay off the outstanding debt to RBS but were rejected. (If you had the money to pay off the debt, why did the club end up this close to adminstration to begin with?)

John Henry, head of NESV, said that they have “a primary focus on returning the Club to greatness on and off the field for the long-term”. Excellent.

While there’s no guarantee that Liverpool will win the league in the next couple years and fans clearly have every reason to be wary, the removal of acquisition debt will give the team much more flexibility and ability to compete in the transfer market.  In his press briefing today, Roy Hodgson said it was a like a cloud had been lifted and I couldn’t agree more. Hicks and Gillett were cancerous and John Henry and co. seem to have the best interests of the club at heart.  They got a first-hand glimpse of the ridiculousness of the duo in the last couple weeks and have already vowed to listen to all the people involved with the club, which is a good start.

Hopefully this news is the start of a good weekend and Liverpool can go out and kick some Everton ass on Sunday.  They won’t have this saga hanging over their heads and will hopefully be able to get back to playing (and winning) some football games.

When the news finally broke this morning, I felt like the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz after the Wicked Witch of the East is killed. Hicks & Gillett are the Wicked Witch of course.

The Prem is back!

10 Sep

The Premier League is back in action tomorrow after two excruciating weeks of international breakage. Huzzah!  The Everton/Manchester United game should be a good one, especially as the recent allegations against Wayne Rooney should lead to some entertaining chants. (One I heard about earlier was ‘No Woman, No Kai’. Inappropriate? Yes. Funny? Yes.)  Anyways, Tottenham will be missing Jermaine Defoe for up to six weeks and that’s bound to have an impact on the team.  Spurs plays at West Brom tomorrow.

Weekend Schedule

Saturday, Sept. 11
Everton vs. Manchester United – 7:30 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Live)
Arsenal vs. Bolton – 10 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)
Fulham vs. Wolves
Man City vs. Blackburn – 10 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Live)
Newcastle vs. Blackpool
West Brom vs. Tottenham – 2 p.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Delayed)
West Ham vs. Chelsea – 9:55 a.m. ET/ESPN2 (Live)
Wigan vs. Sunderland

Sunday, Sept. 12
Birmingham vs. Liverpool – 11 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)

Premier League TV Schedule – August 28-29

27 Aug

Week three of the young Premier League season kicks off tomorrow with Blackburn hosting Arsenal.  There’s really not any super intriguing games this weekend.  I guess you could say that Aston Villa/Everton SHOULD be the pick of the lot.  But I also said that last week about Blackpool/Arsenal and look how that turned out (6-0 Gunners in case you missed it). It’s also going to be a chance for Liverpool to pick up its first win of the season (and they should have a very good chance against West Brom).

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the TV schedule for the weekend.

Saturday, August 28
Blackburn vs. Arsenal – 7:45 a.m. ET/ESPN2 (Live)
Blackpool vs. Fulham
Chelsea vs. Stoke – 9:55 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Live)
Tottenham vs. Wigan – 10 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)
Wolves vs. Newcastle – 6 p.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Delayed)
Manchester United vs. West Ham – 12:30 p.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)

Sunday, August 29
Bolton vs. Birmingham – 8:25 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer Plus (Live)
Liverpool vs. West Brom
Sunderland vs. Manchester City
Aston Villa vs. Everton – 11 a.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)

Donovan making a name for himself at Everton

24 Feb

U.S. midfielder Landon Donovan has finally found a place he can shine.  Too bad he’s only on loan with Everton until the beginning of March.  Donovan has been so influential in the club’s recent successes, which include big wins over both Chelsea and Manchester United, that he was named the club’s player of the month for January.  Pretty impressive for a guy that’s only been there since the beginning of the year.

It’s got to make U.S. fans happy that Donovan is playing so well in such a competitive league after his failed stints in Germany.  Even if he goes back to the Galaxy in March (which looks pretty likely at this point), he’ll have that confidence that comes with knowing he can compete with some of the world’s best on a regular basis.  That confidence should carry over to the U.S. team this summer.

There’s been speculation that Donovan will stay with Everton past when his loan ends, but any deal is unlikely to happen before he heads back to LA.  Everton fans, however, are doing their part to insure Donovan stays – starting a Facebook group which has already attracted almost 4,000 fans since its creation less than two weeks ago.  Manager David Moyes has said they won’t keep Donovan at this point due to monetary reasons, but like any football business deal, who knows what will actually happen when his loan is up.

Donovan fitting in at Everton

27 Jan

Landon Donovan is showing that he is capable of playing at a high level in a league other than MLS. In today’s game against Sunderland, Landy notched his first goal for Everton in a 2-0 win. The U.S. midfielder has started all four games he has played since joining Everton on January 2.

After a couple failed loans in the Bundesliga, Donovan has finally found a place overseas he can fit in. He’s been a dynamic presence for the team that was struggling before his arrival. I’m not saying Donovan is the reason that Everton has won three of four, but he’s a quick, motivated player that’s eager to excel on a big club stage. In addition, playing for Everton is only going to help Donovan come World Cup time. He’ll be used to going up against and taking on world-class players on a regular basis.

There have been rumblings that Donovan’s two and a half month loan might be extended due to his excellent start, but as of right now, there’s nothing substantial to report.