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Manchester United tops the charts again

22 Jul

Once again, Manchester United is the most valuable sports franchise in the world, valued at $1.83 billion.  In Forbes’ top 50 list, there are nine soccer teams overall and three in the top ten.  United’s reign at the top of the list is attributed to its worldwide fan base (supposedly at 139 million), plus huge deals with Nike and new shirt sponsor Aon.  The NFL rules the list though, thanks to a lucrative league-wide TV deal. Individually, David Beckham is the only footballer in the top ten after pulling in $43.7 million in the last 12 months.

Even as a Liverpool fan (ranked No. 41, by the way) I’d be interested to see United’s marketing plan just to figure out how they manage to have such global appeal.  I mean, hell, they are $67 billion more valuable than Arsenal, the next Premier League team on the charts (I think, I suck at math though so that might not be accurate).  However, it’s mind boggling that the most valuable sports franchise in the world is in debt.  That just should not happen.

Top Ten Most Valuable Teams
1. Manchester United (Premier League) – $1.83 billion
2. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) – $1.65 billion
3. New York Yankees (MLB) – $1.6 billion
4. Washington Redskins (NFL) – $1.55 billion
5. New England Patriots (NFL) – $1.36 billion
6. Real Madrid (La Liga) – $1.32 billion
7. New York Giants (NFL) – $1.18 billion
8. Arsenal (Premier League) – $1.18 billion
9. New York Jets (NFL) – $1.17 billion
10. Houston Texans (NFL) – $1.15 billion

Top Ten Athletes
1. Tiger Woods (USA/golf) – $105 million
2. Floyd Mayweather (USA/boxing) – $65 million
3. Kobe Bryant (USA/NBA) – $48 million
4. Phil Mickelson (USA/golf) – $46 million
5. David Beckham (ENG/soccer) – $43.7 million
6. Roger Federer (SUI/tennis) – $43 million
7. LeBron James (USA/NBA) – $42.8 million
8. Manny Pacquiao (PHI/boxing) – $42 million
9. Eli Manning (USA/NFL) – $39.9 million
10. Terrell Suggs (USA/NFL) – $38.3 million


Drogba, Ferdinand out of World Cup

4 Jun

Didier Drogba suffered a broken elbow in a friendly against Japan earlier today and has been ruled out of the World Cup (UPDATE: apparently he hasn’t been officially ruled out and could potentially play against Portugal June 15).  The guy’s a prima donna, but he’s also rather amazing at soccer.  It sucks that he got hurt this close to the competition and that one of Africa’s best players won’t get to play in the continent’s showcase event.  His injury also puts a major dent in Ivory Coast’s hopes of advancing out of the “group of death” (Brazil, Portugal, North Korea).

Injuries like this are why friendlies can be so stressful.  It’s a seemingly harmless tune-up game and then, WHAM, star player down.  Drogs is the latest in a list of big name players that are missing out on the World Cup due to injury.  The others include David Beckham, Michael Essien and Michael Ballack.

UPDATE: Fabio Capello confirmed that Rio Ferdinand will miss the World Cup with a knee injury.  He’ll be out of commission for four to six weeks.  Michael Dawson will take his place on the squad.  Steven Gerrard will now take over as captain.

Friendlies, friendlies and more friendlies

24 May

Well, FIFA is ignoring my phone calls about starting the World Cup immediately, so I guess I will have to entertain myself with the massive amount of friendlies being played around the world.  Since many teams have not yet named their final 23, these friendlies are a big chance for the fringe players to make an impression and maybe work their way into the squad.

Despite the name “friendlies”, these games can also be the source of great stress.  The reason?  Injuries.  Freak accidents happen and people get hurt, it’s the nature of the sport.  But no one wants to see a player from their country go down.  That could be “THE WORST THING EVER”.  An injury to a star player can spark serious panic.  (Just ask Wayne Rooney or Davey Becks about their injuries in the buildup to the World Cup.  You will learn things you never knew about a metatarsal.)

So keep your fingers crossed that team USA’s players stay healthy.  At the rate they get injured, I know that’s asking a lot.  Perhaps bubble wrap them all?

Team USA opens friendly action against the Czech Republic tomorrow and word on the street is that Bob Bradley will announce the team’s final 23 on Wednesday.

Messi is highest paid footballer

24 Mar

In news that will shock few, Lionel Messi has been tabbed as the world’s highest paid footballer, pulling in an estimated £29.6 million ($44.2 million in the US) yearly.  David Beckham is second at £27.3 million ($40.7m) and Cristiano Ronaldo is third at £27 million ($40.3m).  The list was compiled by France Football

At this point, Messi more than deserves to hold the top spot.  He was instrumental in Barcelona’s treble last season and has been absolutely phenomenal this season.  His latest conquests include sublime hat tricks in two of his last three games.  Barca is top of the Spanish league and has advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

It’s interesting to note that the top six athletes on the “rich list” all play in Spain or Italy.  Carlos Tevez of Manchester City is the first player from a English club on the list at No. 7.  The other interesting fact that comes out of this is that Messi is only fourth on the sports “rich list” behind Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and LeBron James.  Even though football is the most popular sport in the world, players rarely crack the list of top 10 highest paid athletes in the world.  Those lists are generally populated by U.S. sports stars.

1. Lionel Messi, Barcelona – £29.6m ($44.2m)
2. David Beckham, LA Galaxy/AC Milan –  £27.3m ($40.7m)
3. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid – £27m ($40.3m)
4. Kaka, Real Madrid – £16.9m ($25.2m)
5. Thierry Henry, Barcelona – £16.1m ($24m)
6. Ronaldinho, AC Milan – £15.5m ($23.1m)
7. Carlos Tevez, Manchester City – £13.8m ($20.6m)
8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Barcelona – £13m ($19.4m)
9. Frank Lampard, Chelsea – £12.8m ($19.1m)
10. Samuel Eto’o, Inter Milan – £12.4m ($18.5m)

Becks tears achilles, out of World Cup

14 Mar

David Beckham tore his achilles tendon playing for AC Milan today. The injury will keep him out of the World Cup and out of action all together for about six months. He was set to become the first English player to appear in four World Cups. It’s a big blow to England as well as they have already been hit hard with injuries/drama and Beckham can provide solid senior leadership for a team that is desperately lacking.  Also, Becks has been one of my faves for approximately forever and this summer’s World Cup was likely to be his last international competition, so it’s a sad day for him as he’s done everything possible to get into the England squad this summer.

With the rate that both England and the U.S. are suffering injuries, it will be a miracle for each team just to get 11 healthy players on the field in South Africa.

Random musings

10 Mar
  • I go out of town for a spell and while I’m gone, Liverpool decides to lose to Wigan?!  For the first time ever?! Bangs head on desk.  So long top four, it’s been swell.
  • Arsenal beat the crap out of Porto, 5-1, in the second leg of their Champions League tie to advance to the final eight.  Bayern also advanced after a late goal from Arjen Robben.
  • OMG, David Beckham is back in Manchester today!  Clearly, this fact is completely overwhelming the actual game between United and Milan today and as Kickette suggests, a shot for every time Becks is mentioned on tv. (Although I don’t recommend this, as it would likely end in alcohol poisoning.) 
  • In the other game today (yes, there is another one), Madrid is trying to avoid being bounced from the competition as they host Lyon. Lyon holds a slim 1-0 lead.
  • Why do all the U.S. World Cup tune-up games have to be on the east coast?  Can’t they play one of the games in Chicago?  Please?
  • Under 100 days til the World Cup starts.  The U.S. is in serious need of Miracle Max if they want the top squad to be healthy in time to be on the field in South Africa.  Otherwise, we’re looking at another embarassment.

Champions League is back!

16 Feb

After a long hiatus, Champions League is back in action today.  Total fail on my part for not recognizing this sooner (I’ve been caught up in the Olympics).  Of course, the big story in today’s matches is David Beckham, now at Milan, facing off against his former club, Manchester United.  Real Madrid faces off against Lyon in today’s other match.  While it doesn’t have the hype of the Beckham match, the Lyon match should prove to be a good one as well. But apparently the hype of Becks vs. Fergie isn’t big enough because it doesn’t warrant live TV coverage of the event. However, at least it’s available free of charge online here, which is a nice change from the $9.95 UEFA generally charges for live video.

Lyon vs. Real Madrid – 2:30 p.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Live)
Milan vs. Manchester United – 2:30 p.m. ET/Uefa.com (Live); 8 p.m. ET/Fox Soccer (Delayed)