LFC decides: Dalglish is the man

12 May

After leading Liverpool back from the brink, Kenny Dalglish has been rewarded with a three-year deal at the club.  Since he took over in January, he had led the team from 12th place to the verge of clinching a spot in the Europa League (that would be fifth place, people).

While moving up the table is clearly fantastic, the real change with Dalglish has been in the attitude of the team.  He has instilled a sense of pride that was missing earlier in the season.  You can see the changes in the players every time you watch a match.  There’s more hustle, fight and determination.  People aren’t giving up on plays.  It seems like half the goals the team has scored lately are the result of staying strong throughout the entire run of play (here’s looking at you, Maxi).  Opponents aren’t having enough time to string passes together because they are constantly being harassed.  And speaking of passing, oh my, how Liverpool’s has improved.  The whole pass and move thing seems to be working quite well.

He has also done a great job of keeping a strong squad on the field while still dealing with a string of defensive injuries as well as the loss of Steven Gerrard.  Heck, at this point, it doesn’t even look like the team needs Gerrard out there (although with the way they have been playing, adding in a healthy Gerrard is kind of a scary thought).  I also like how he has given some of the young players a chance to play and is actually giving them significant time on the field.  Developing young players is key for the future and he recognizes that.

This was absolutely the right move for the team.  Dalglish has rejuvenated the squad and the fans and I, for one, am so incredibly excited about what next season could bring.  The team has a lot of talent returning and hopefully a couple smart summer transfers could vault the squad back into the top four.


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