Robotic clouds won’t save the day

28 Mar

Since it gets so hot in Qatar over the summer (100+ easily) and those conditions aren’t exactly amenable for playing soccer, it has become necessary to create robotic clouds to hover over the stadiums to cool the players and fans.  Yes, you read that right, robotic clouds.  Of course, said clouds are expensive to make ($500,000 a pop), but this is Qatar, land of never-ending stash of cash, so money is really no object.  Much like the futuristic, erector set stadiums promised, the clouds are still just a work in progress.  There’s no guarantee it will actually happen.

I’ll admit that it’s a pretty cool concept, but how effective can it really be?  Even in the shade, it’s still going to be incredibly hot.  Also, what about all the fans that aren’t at the games?  It’s not like people are in the stadiums 24/7.  Generally, there are a lot of people wandering around and watching games in public squares and such, what about all those people?  Or will there so few people attending that it won’t even matter?  I can’t find too many details on the project other than the general concept, but I have some questions.  What about the noise factor?  Will players be able to hear each other or will it all be drowned out by whooshing noises from these giant cloud fan things?  What happens if something goes wrong with it?  Will it just crash into the stadium?  Would these clouds truly make a major difference in comfort and temperature?

Which brings me back to my main question – why exactly is Qatar hosting the World Cup to begin with?


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