Gerrard is fit again

22 Dec

Word on the street is that Steven Gerrard has recovered from a hamstring injury that has kept him out for a month and that he will be good to go for Sunday’s game at Blackpool. The Reds have gone 2-2-2 in his absence, but will really benefit from the leadership he brings to the field. Liverpool has a span of five games in 15 days beginning with Blackpool and they will need all the healthy players they can get.

Reportedly, Daniel Agger will also be fit to play against Blackpool. This is particularly good news as the center backs have been struggling (to put it nicely) as of late. The Skrtel/Krygiakos pairing has been especially dysfunctional, so bringing someone else into the middle has got to improve things. (Right?!)

A strong start on the games post-Christmas could go a long way for Liverpool.  Even though Manchester United leads the pack right now, there is no really clear separation between the top teams.  Granted, I’m not saying Liverpool will win the league, but they definitely have a chance to work their way back into the top four IF, and that’s a big if, they can start stringing some positive results together.


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