Thoughts and observations on Barcelona’s shellacking of Real

29 Nov

What was billed as a tough battle for first place in La Liga quickly turned into a 5-0 Barcelona rout.

  • Barcelona has so many weapons, it’s unfair. Can they please share one with Liverpool? Thanks.
  • Barca won the possession battle, 67%-33%.  Their  passing was sublime.  Even in crowded areas, they would be able to work it out of danger with a series of short, quick passes. Mesmerizing.  Real looked like they were content to sit back and let Barca pass the ball around and go for the counter attack. Problem is, they didn’t get many looks at that.
  • It didn’t take long for Real to get visibly frustrated.  After Barca’s two early goals, Real showed no spirit in trying to come back.  It’s rather surprising that no one ended up with a red card until the final seconds.
  • Even though Lionel Messi didn’t score, he was still an influential player for Barca. Cristiano Ronaldo? Not so much. Shoving Pep Guardiola was the most interesting thing he did all game.
  • Xavi and Iniesta are one hell of a pair in the midfield. They’ve got to be one of the best tandems of this generation.
  • Barcelona is a lot of fun to watch. They make everything look so effortless. I realize it was only one game, but it was against the other top team in the league and when you can dismantle a team like that, well, you might just be a phenomenal team.
  • It’s nice to see Jose Mourinho brought back down to earth. The man lives on his own planet and clearly thinks quite highly of himself. This was the first time a Mourinho-led team had ever given up five goals (impressive stat, btw).

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