Three 6-0 games?!

23 Aug

Well, apparently I was really, really, really off about Arsenal/Blackpool being a good game on Saturday.  Arsenal was one of three teams to claim a 6-0 win over the weekend.  Chelsea defeated Wigan 6-0 and now has a goal difference of +12 after two games. Yikes.  Oh yeah, and the Blues have put 14 goals (14!) past Wigan in their last two meetings.  That’s just sad.  The surprise of the weekend came as newly promoted Newcastle put a beating on Aston Villa, 6-0.  Guess the loss of James Milner was more emotional than they thought it would be.  Even Joey Barton got in on the scoring action for Newcastle.

There have only been 19 6-0 games since the inception of the Premier League and four of them have happened in the first couple weeks of this season.  I doubt that kind of scoring is going to become a regular thing, but if it does, that is not a good sign for the competitive balance of the league.


One Response to “Three 6-0 games?!”

  1. rdnws August 23, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    Prior to the start of the league expectation has been high.
    The expectation has not let us down.
    What a start!

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