Brazil dominates USA, 2-0

10 Aug

I know this was just a friendly, but holy crap, I haven’t seen the U.S. play that poorly in a long time.  And yes, the score could have been much, much worse.

I’ll start with the positives because there’s hardly any.

  • Brad Guzan posted a second half shutout.  (Timmy Howard played the first.)  Guzan made some pretty awesome saves, including off a clear shot from about five yards out.  He’s a solid player, it’s too bad he can’t get more playing time.
  • No one got hurt.

And….yep, that’s all I got for the positives.  Now, onto the negatives.

  • The defense.  Where do I start?  I’ll go with too slow.  The Brazilians could beat the U.S. defenders seemingly at will. Boom, one move and they were gone. I can’t fault the guy for trying, but you are telling me that Jonathan Bornstein is seriously one of the best left backs in the United States?  That is not a pleasant thought. Brazil had way too much time and space to operate.  There should never be three open players in the box.
  • Craptastic passing. The U.S. couldn’t get anything going offensively because they couldn’t string together more than two passes.
  • Terrible first touch.  Honestly, I think I could have handled the ball better than some of the U.S. players tonight.  At the international level, you should be able to control the ball 99% of the time.  If not, you don’t deserve to be out there. (Cough, Robbie Findley, cough)
  • World Cup letdown.  Nine of the eleven U.S. starters were on the World Cup squad.  You wouldn’t have known it tonight.  All I can say is thank goodness the Yanks didn’t play this poorly at the World Cup or they would’ve been laughed off the field.

Since it’s just a friendly, I’m not going to get much more involved in the negatives of this game.  I just know that I dropped the f-bomb a lot, mostly in the sentence “What the f*** are you thinking/doing?”  Sigh.  Bob Bradley’s contract is up in December and I think U.S. Soccer needs to look at bringing a new face in as manager.  They haven’t progressed nearly as much or as well as they should have under Bradley, but that’s a post for a different day.


One Response to “Brazil dominates USA, 2-0”

  1. mintox August 11, 2010 at 2:53 am #

    If you look at the top 30 teams in world football there are three distinct levels:

    The top tier (Spain, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany) are all worlst class teams with big stars.

    The second tier contains the likes of England, Uruguay, Serbia, Croatia, Paraguay, Russia, Czech Republic all of whom are technically excellent but lack the star quality to consistently be the best.

    Then there is the large third tier of nations which are the emerged nations that are solid but need to develop that higher level of technical ability and intensity about their play ie teams like Australia, USA, Switzerland, Chile, Egypt, Ghana, Ukraine, Mexico, Ivory Coast, Norway, Slovenia, Japan etc.

    These teams can on their day beat a second tier team and on a very good day even get a result over a top team. But it takes a lot of preparation and build up work.

    The top teams don’t need to work on this intensity, movement and technical ability because they already have it.

    So yes, of course Brazil is going to be excellent regardless of whether it;s a friendly or a world cup, the problem for the US is that they were inevitably going to drop a level due to the fact that this is not an important game.

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