Things I missed

3 Aug

Wow, ok, I was out of the loop for a while (woohoo vacation) and so much soccer-ness has happened in that time span. Anyways, here’s the rundown and my thoughts on the latest events.

  • Fernando Torres is staying at Liverpool.  Granted this came out today, but still, it makes me ecstatic, like, I want to shout hallejuiah from the rooftops ecstatic.  It would have been totally lame of him to leave after one down season, so clearly this is the right decision.  It’s also a big boost for new manager Roy Hodgson, who now has both his stars returning.  (Now Torres just needs to work on growing his goal-scoring locks back.)
  • Staying on the Liverpool track, there’s also speculation that Chinese businessman Kenny Huang is interested in buying the club from terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.  Supposedly, Huang has offered to buy the club’s debt as part of the deal.  There are also a couple other bids out there too, at least, that’s what Martin Broughton has said.  Regardless of what happens, hopefully it goes down before the season starts on August 15.  Hicks and Gillett need to get out.
  • Rafa Marquez has joined former Barcelona teammate Thierry Henry in New York.  Marquez has the capability to play in the middle as both a midfielder and a defender.  Along with stalwart Juan Pablo Angel, the new duo could make the Red Bulls quite dangerous.
  • The ever-entertaining/batshit crazy Diego Maradona is no longer the coach of Argentina.  This is a good thing for Argentina.  Maradona might have been a wonderful player, but he doesn’t have the coaching mindset required of a top international side.  His petulant attitude came out in full force after it was announced that he would no longer be the team’s coach. While his sideline munchkin antics will be missed, his baffling squad decisions and outlandish remarks will not.
  • Mark Hughes is the new manager at Fulham, replacing Roy Hodgson.  Hughes was at the helm of Manchester City for 18 months before being unceremoniously dumped midseason of last year.  He did a solid job coping with all the changes at Man City and had the team on the verge of the top four.  Being in a more stable environment will probably be good for the man.
  • German midfielder Sami Khedira joined Real Madrid from Stuttgart.  Khedira had a very solid World Cup and was able to turn that performance into a contract from one of the world’s top clubs.  Well played, sir, well played.
  • This whole Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona thing is getting obnoxious.  All you Barcelona players need to stop saying incendiary comments.  I’d be surprised if Fabregas left Arsenal this season, but it really is just a matter of time.  But Mr. Fabregas, please know that it’s rude to keep two teams in limbo, make up your mind.
  • Moves I’ve found interesting for one reason or another: David James to Bristol City from Portsmouth, Freddie Ljundberg to Chicago from Seattle, Raul to Schalke from Real Madrid

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