Henry joins MLS

15 Jul

It’s finally official, Thierry Henry has joined the New York Red Bulls in a move that has been rightly speculated for months. 

It’s a good move for the Red Bulls as Henry’s arrival will give them much needed exposure and help put some butts in the seats.  He’s a huge name and will help draw the interest of the ever-fickle New York market.  While there’s no doubt that it’s an excellent PR move, it will be interesting to see how he performs on the field. 

He’s coming off possibly the most embarassing World Cup failure ever and didn’t even start while in South Africa.  He also largely rode the bench for Barcelona (granted he did have players like Lio Messi in front of him).

I could see this going one of two ways.  Possibility 1: He’s like screw all y’all, I can still play and tears it up.  Possibility 2: He’s disillusioned after sitting the bench for so long and doesn’t bother putting in a solid effort.   I do think possibility 1 is the most likely scenario.  There’s no reason for him not to try.  A partnership with Juan Pablo Angel has the potential to cause some serious damage.

We could possibly see Henry in action this weekend against Columbus, but he’ll likely make his debut next week in friendlies against Tottenham and Manchester City.


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