Germany-Spain predictions

6 Jul

Predictions on who will get to play the Netherlands in the final from myself and my former coach.

The Soccer Wall: The Germans have mastered the art of winning pretty, while Spain has mastered the art of the David Villa victory.  

Germany has looked the more dynamic side and has multiple scoring threats going forward (although the team will be missing four goal man Thomas Muller because of suspension – lame rule, btw).  In addition to having a strong attack, the German defense has done a good job of shutting down opponents’ main scoring threats (Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney) and will have to be on top form to shut down Villa and Fernando Torres, who hasn’t done much, but that could change in an instant.  Bastian Schweinsteiger has had a fantastic tournament anchoring Germany and he will have his hands full with a talented Spanish midfield.

Spain’s strength lies in its midfield play. The play of Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Xabi Alonso will determine how the team does.  This is a team that doesn’t panic when things don’t click right away.  They are patient with the ball in building scoring opportunities.  The defense has also stepped up its game after an opening loss to Switzerland, notching shutouts in three games, including the two knockout matches.  Spain will have to shut down the Germans down the wings as the Germans do an excellent job of stretching the field (both length and width, actually).

I think Germany will continue to play its balls to the wall style and come out on top.  They will be able to shut down David Villa and Miroslav Klose will break the World Cup scoring record (he’s two goals away).  

Final score prediction: Germany 3 – Spain 1

Con (soccer coach at UWA in Perth):  I think the final is going to depend on how the teams go out to play in the semi.

Germany have “looked” awesome when teams have attacked them and allowed them to break quickly.

Against the Aussies, they faced a team that changed it’s formation for the first time in 4 years, played two non-strikers up front (Cahill and Garcia) and were all at sea as to what they were doing. They also had a player sent off and the score was only 4-0 including one goal that should surely have been stopped by Schwarzer had he come out quicker.

Against England, the poms attacked thinking that their previous wins against Ze Germans, could be replicated only to find that they were sucker punched as John Terry was continually drawn out of position leaving Germany with an easy 1 on 1 to goal each time.

Then there was Argentina, whose Plan A was to attack followed by Plans B – E which were… the same as Plan A. Attack they did but with no width (which the Germans realised and basically closed down the space around the top of the box knowing that the Argie wingers were playing on the wrong side (Right Footer on the Left and a Left footer on the right) meaning they could be closed easily without any good deliveries coming in. The argies reply to this was to commit more men forward but do the same thing which saw them open themselves up at the back.

Spain are a different kettle of fish, they aren’t as naive as the Argies and hold posession a lot better, and are more patient at breaking down their opponents. Plus lets not forget that many teams will change their style when it comes to a semi final, the fact that you’re one game away plays on the mind of players and coaches.

One can only hope for a German Dutch final.


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  1. ryan July 9, 2010 at 9:35 am #

    Soccer prediction is becoming one of the favorite pastimes of the individuals.

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