France in disarray

20 Jun

I’m going to chalk this all up to karma.  After striker Nicolas Anelka was sent home after unleashing a verbal tirade at coach Raymond Domenech during the loss to Mexico, the French team has now refused to train.  Team director Jean-Louis Valentin has also quit.  

This World Cup is turning into quite the disaster for France as they only have 1 point through two games.  If Mexico and Uruguay draw on Tuesday, France is out regardless of the result against South Africa.  Good thing the team has a new coach waiting in the wings because Domenech’s run has been ugly.

Video of French reporter dropping the F-bomb on ESPN live can be found here.  (Apparently, it’s what Anelka said to Domenech.)

Meanwhile, check out the video of Patrice Evra’s altercation with the team’s fitness coach prior to the non-practice below:


One Response to “France in disarray”

  1. ghostofjeffagoos June 20, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    agreed. it’s actually sad to watch this play out. i feel for the french fans. imagine dealing with the last world cup and then this. it’s a tough road.

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