The Yanks are coming

11 Jun

In case you live under a rock, you might not have heard that the United States is playing England tomorrow in the World Cup.  If you live anywhere else, well, you’ve probably had that information shoved in your face for the last month.  Anyways, it’s the first group match for both teams and could go a long way towards determining who gets into the quarterfinals.  England’s the favorite, but the U.S. definitely has the potential to score an upset.  

What the U.S. has to do to beat England:

  • Play 90 minutes.  This might seem like common sense, but the U.S. often suffers short lapses in effort and against a team like England, that could prove costly.
  • Take advantage of its opportunities. The U.S. doesn’t tend to get too many shots on goal, but when players have the ball in a dangerous area, for the love of Uncle Sam, shoot the damn ball.  At this point, the starting English keeper is still undetermined and the U.S. needs to be ready to pounce on any misplayed balls.  Robbie Findley missed two sitters against Australia, but in a game like this, those HAVE to end up in the back of the net.
  • Play solid defense.  This means not committing stupid fouls, not overcommitting and not letting Wayne Rooney and co. get behind the last line of defenders.  Oh yeah, and no red cards.  Please, no red cards.
  • Play with heart.  The U.S. can look so blasé at times, but this ain’t one of ’em.  The team must come out fired up and play with passion the entire game.  They can’t be scared of England or it’s going to get ugly.

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