Disappointing season for Liverpool

10 May

How fitting, a disappointing season came to a disappointing end for Liverpool with a 0-0 draw with relegated Hull City. The Reds finished seventh, which was bitter to swallow after a runner-up finish in 2008-09. Random fact: Chelsea won the league this year with 86 points. Last year, Liverpool was second with, you guessed it, 86 points.

There has been so much off the field drama at Liverpool this season that it’s overshadowed what needed to be done on the pitch. Hopefully, the club will get sold to someone who actually wants to improve it and will work towards getting Liverpool back to the top four. Of course, there’s the issues with Rafa and whether or not he’ll be leaving the club. There’s still many, many issues to be resolved, but now that the season is over, the focus can turn towards the future.

There were a few bright spots for Liverpool this season, mainly on the defensive side. The Reds only allowed 35 goals, third fewest in the league behind United (28) and Chelsea (32). Pepe Reina ended up with 22 clean sheets (18 in Premier League play), including shutouts of top four sides Manchester United and Tottenham. On the offensive side, despite only playing 22 league games, Fernando Torres notched 18 goals to finish tied for sixth overall.

Of course, there were some struggles as well. Steven Gerrard was not nearly the dominant force he was the previous season and only notched nine goals (I attribute this to missing Torres, his partner in crime/lover.) Offensively, the team struggled to put the ball in the back of the net when Torres was injured (which was more often than not). As a whole, the squad was not nearly as disciplined. After a red card free 2008-09, Liverpool picked up five this year, including two by Javier Mascherano. And as much as I hate to come back to it, the team never adequately replaced Xabi Alonso in the midfield. Because of that, the Reds were not able to control the middle of the field on a consistent basis.

Who knows what the coming months will bring, but hopefully it will be some modicum of sanity to Anfield.


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