Random musings

10 Mar
  • I go out of town for a spell and while I’m gone, Liverpool decides to lose to Wigan?!  For the first time ever?! Bangs head on desk.  So long top four, it’s been swell.
  • Arsenal beat the crap out of Porto, 5-1, in the second leg of their Champions League tie to advance to the final eight.  Bayern also advanced after a late goal from Arjen Robben.
  • OMG, David Beckham is back in Manchester today!  Clearly, this fact is completely overwhelming the actual game between United and Milan today and as Kickette suggests, a shot for every time Becks is mentioned on tv. (Although I don’t recommend this, as it would likely end in alcohol poisoning.) 
  • In the other game today (yes, there is another one), Madrid is trying to avoid being bounced from the competition as they host Lyon. Lyon holds a slim 1-0 lead.
  • Why do all the U.S. World Cup tune-up games have to be on the east coast?  Can’t they play one of the games in Chicago?  Please?
  • Under 100 days til the World Cup starts.  The U.S. is in serious need of Miracle Max if they want the top squad to be healthy in time to be on the field in South Africa.  Otherwise, we’re looking at another embarassment.

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