Donovan making a name for himself at Everton

24 Feb

U.S. midfielder Landon Donovan has finally found a place he can shine.  Too bad he’s only on loan with Everton until the beginning of March.  Donovan has been so influential in the club’s recent successes, which include big wins over both Chelsea and Manchester United, that he was named the club’s player of the month for January.  Pretty impressive for a guy that’s only been there since the beginning of the year.

It’s got to make U.S. fans happy that Donovan is playing so well in such a competitive league after his failed stints in Germany.  Even if he goes back to the Galaxy in March (which looks pretty likely at this point), he’ll have that confidence that comes with knowing he can compete with some of the world’s best on a regular basis.  That confidence should carry over to the U.S. team this summer.

There’s been speculation that Donovan will stay with Everton past when his loan ends, but any deal is unlikely to happen before he heads back to LA.  Everton fans, however, are doing their part to insure Donovan stays – starting a Facebook group which has already attracted almost 4,000 fans since its creation less than two weeks ago.  Manager David Moyes has said they won’t keep Donovan at this point due to monetary reasons, but like any football business deal, who knows what will actually happen when his loan is up.


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