Terry doesn’t deserve England captaincy

2 Feb

So, essentially John Terry is England’s version of Tiger Woods, only Terry’s story is slightly dirtier.  Golf is an individual sport, so Tiger’s action essentially only hurt himself (and his family of course).  Terry’s alleged affair with a teammate’s girlfriend, abortion payment and other dalliances hurt both Terry and his wife and kids, as well as the English national team and Chelsea. 

It’s a World Cup year and as always, English hopes are high.  This year, the squad has a legitimate chance at the trophy after sailing through qualification.  Terry’s antics threaten to undermine all the work the team has done and the hope the country has. The cheated teammate, Wayne Bridge, is at best, a fringe player on the national team, however Terry is a shoo-in despite his issues and I highly doubt Fabio Capello will put them both on the squad after this fiasco (salt in the wound for Bridge, I’m sure).  In addition to being a quality player on the field, a captain needs to be a good leader off the field as well.  Especially in a soccer-mad country like England, the captain is held to a higher standard.  English fans (and I’m sure the squad itself) are cringing at the waves this is causing when all the focus should just be on the football.

Granted, Terry’s sordid affair (I’ve always wanted to write that) would be big news whenever it broke, but the timing is especially bad.  Capello needs to make a move to strip Terry of the captaincy and give it to someone who takes pride in representing the country and takes the responsibililty of the job seriously.

Wayne Bridge is to be commended for how he has handled the situation publicly.  He made one statement asking for privacy and that’s it.  Other celebrities take note: you don’t always have to air your case in the court of public opinion.  It’s better to keep things as private as possible.


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