FIFA denies Ireland spot in the World Cup

1 Dec

Not surprisingly, FIFA has turned down Ireland’s request to be the 33rd team in the World Cup. The Irish made the request after being knocked out by France thanks to a blatant handball from Thierry Henry.

At this point, the Irish are out of luck (no pun intended). However, FIFA desperately needs to learn from this situation and make some changes in time for the World Cup. Video replay would slow the game down too much, but adding an extra referee on the field or adding an goal area official would be beneficial to the game. There’s going to be errors regardless of what you do, it’s human nature, however, adding another pair of eyes to the field would help tremendously. Can you imagine if something like that had happened in the World Cup final? I guarantee there would be bloodshed.

I also think that FIFA/UEFA needs to punish Thierry Henry. If players have gotten bans for dives the ref didn’t initially see, why should Henry escape punishment for something the whole world knows he did? Of course UEFA president Michel Platini doesn’t want to punish a fellow countryman, but there has to be uniform punishment for cheating regardless of who does it.

On a more positive note, the World Cup draw is on Friday and will give us ammo for conversation for the months leading up to the cup. The results of the draw will be posted here.


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