Liverpool loses (again); Chelsea continues to dominate

2 Nov

Weekend thoughts and observations

  • Liverpool could not sustain the momentum from a big win against Manchester United, falling 3-1 to Fulham on Saturday.  Both Jamie Carragher and Phillip Degen got sent off for the Reds (the first red cards since the 2007/08 season, I believe).  The squad was without Steven Gerrard (again) as well as Glen Johnson.  Pretty much the lone bright spot for the Reds has been Fernando Torres, who leads the league with 10 goals in 11 games.  The team’s struggles highlight the lack of depth, but that’s a story for another time.  It seems as if most of the team is injured and/or sick going into this week’s Champions League clash away to Lyon, which is a must-win if they want any chance at advancing to the knockout stage.  Things are not looking positive for Liverpool right now.  The team has already lost five games, more than double the number they did last year!  Barring an epic collapse from Chelsea/Manchester United and ridiculously improved form from the Reds, you can kiss any title chances good-bye.
  • Speaking of Chelsea, they are pretty much kicking ass right now.  The Blues have won four straight and have been beating the crap out of their opponents, including a 4-0 thrashing of Blackburn at the weekend. 
  • West Ham and Portsmouth are struggling mightily.  Both teams have a mere seven points.  Hull City isn’t faring much better as they sit 18th with eight points.
  • FIFA10 is awesome.  I’ll admit that I’m a newcomer to the video game scene, but it’s a pretty easy game to pick up and it’s really fun to play.  Although, it’s slightly frustrating to see my FIFA Liverpool doing much better than the real team.

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