Babel wants out of Liverpool

2 Sep

Liverpool striker Ryan Babel is unhappy with the amount of playing time he’s gotten in two years with the side.  He says that Rafa Benitez hasn’t come through on promises of first team action.

I have a couple issues with this whole thing.  First of all, if you want regular playing time, you have to earn it.  Babel started the season opener at Tottenham and pretty much sucked.  He didn’t contribute much of anything and was rightly taken off for the more dynamic Yossi Benayoun.  When Babel played last season, it was primarily as a substitute.  He scored four goals in 42 appearances for the club – that’s not exactly prolific.  You have to take advantage of the time you are given, however limited it might be, and make a difference.  Any manager will tell you (at least I assume so, I haven’t spoken to any) that you have to earn time and even if they promised you time, if you suck, that time will dwindle if someone else fills that void better.

Also, Liverpool is having enough issues as of right now (which I will not get into).  They don’t need a malcontent player shooting their mouth off about going on loan.  I can understand being frustrated with the lack of playing time, I know that would frustrate me, but at this point, complaining about either a transfer or a loan isn’t going to get you anywhere and makes you look like a baby.


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