U.S. stuns Spain; rematch with Brazil in final

25 Jun

The United States of America shocked Spain, 2-0, in the Confederations Cup semifinal on Wednesday.  Even though the game was yesterday, I’m still in shock about it.  What an amazing victory for the US, definitely one of the biggest soccer upsets ever.

Jozy Altidore scored the first goal for the US in the 27th minute after essentially boxing out his defender and sending a shot off the fingertips of goalie Iker Casillas.  After the goal, Spain took control of the match and was constantly putting pressure on the US defense.  The defense bent, but never broke – a stellar performance.

Spain came out in the second half and looked almost certain to score a goal, but again, the US defense stepped up and kept them off the board.  Pressure on the defense was relieved a bit when Clint Dempsey scored a second for the US in the 74th minute.  Defender Sergio Ramos got turned around and Dempsey was there to put the ball away.  The only blemish to the game was a cheap red card that Michael Bradley picked up in the 86th minute (that’s 3 reds in 4 games for the US, although this was another bad call).

Reasons the US won

  • They played with HEART. For the second game in a row, it was obvious that they believed in themselves and showed a lot of fight.  This is the kind of play I expect from the US.  They may not be the most talented team, but they will fight and scrap to the very end.
  • They played a smart tactical game. Bob Bradley hasn’t been the most loved figure lately (just look at a couple earlier blog posts), but he put together a very smart game plan against Spain.
  • They didn’t play scared. Against Brazil and Italy earlier in the tournament, they US looked scared and intimidated by their opponents.  That didn’t happen against Spain.  Spain is the more talented team, but the US didn’t let that affect their game this time.
  • They finished their chances. A recurring problem for the US has been scoring in the run of play.  The problems seem to be alleviated with excellent goals against both Egypt and Spain.

One Response to “U.S. stuns Spain; rematch with Brazil in final”

  1. chrisutd07 June 26, 2009 at 8:46 am #

    you gotta give credit to the us with their tactics (i go into a bit more detail). also i think this shows how far usa soccer has come. i really think they can win a world cup in our lifetime, do you? vote/read about it here:


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