Ronaldo looks set to join Kaka at Real Madrid

11 Jun

real_madrid_logoWord on the street is that Manchester United has accepted a $132 millon bid for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. My understanding is that it’s not official yet, but that talks have begun between the player and Real Madrid. MU’s website states that the matter would be concluded by June 30.

So, that world record bid for Kaka? Peanuts compared to the amount Real is paying for Ronaldo. If indeed this deal does go through, which I suspect that it will, given Ronaldo’s dream of playing for Real, it puts a dragged out transfer saga to bed early. Yay! After the whole will he leave-will he stay drama of last summer, I really couldn’t take another summer of that crap.

It’s obviously quite a loss for MU (not that the rest of the league is heartbroken), who are rumoured to be targeting Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery as replacement.

I have one question though – where in the world is Real Madrid getting all this money from?


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