Relegation battle at the forefront of final Premier League weekend

22 May

premier-league-badgeIt’s the final weekend of the Premier League season.  =( After the weekend, there’s no more Premier League football til August and that makes me sad. Anyways, action this weekend will be heavily focused on the bottom of the table to see which two teams will join West Brom and play championship football next season. West Brom became the first club to go down after losing to Liverpool last week. Newcastle, Sunderland, Hull City and Middlesbrough will all fight to stay in the top flight. I’m not going to try to explain the various scenarios, it’s way too complicated – just read them all here. MU wrapped up the title last weekend so there’s not much drama in the top half.  Aston Villa will be fighting for fifth while Fulham looks to secure the seventh Europa Cup spot against Everton.

Sunday, May 24
Arsenal vs. Stoke City
Aston Villa vs. Newcastle
Blackburn vs. West Brom
Fulham vs. Everton
Hull City vs. Manchester United – Fox Soccer Channel – 11 a.m. ET (Live)
Liverpool vs. Tottenham
Manchester City vs. Bolton
Sunderland vs. Chelsea
West Ham vs. Middlesbrough  – Fox Soccer Channel – 1 p.m. ET (Live)
Wigan vs. Portsmouth

*On a side note, it bugs me that FSC is showing a replay of Manchester United vs. Tottenham on Saturday and then showing their game against Hull live on Sunday.  I know they are champs, but I’m slightly sick of the MU love.  The live game I can understand because it’s an important game in the relegation battle (as is the West Ham/Boro game that will also be shown).  It’s the replay on Saturday that really grinds my gears (it wasn’t even a great game!).


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