Five reasons for Liverpool frustation

20 May
The dynamic duo didn't get enough chances to work its magic this season due to injuries to both Stevie and Nando.

The dynamic duo didn't get enough chances to work its magic this season due to injuries.

Ok, the bottom line is that Manchester United won more games than Liverpool, thus they are rightly champions.  However, there are several reasons this really is extremely frustrating (asides from the fact that I am no fan of MU):

1.  Liverpool beat Manchester United twice.  The first time was without Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.  The second time was a 4-1 absolute shellacking AT Old Trafford.  When Liverpool can play like that, they can beat anyone.

2.  The Reds went 4-0-2 against the rest of the “Big Four”.  They were the only team in the Premier League to go unbeaten against MU, Chelsea and Arsenal.

3.  They only lost two games (as of writing) all season – the fewest number of losses for any team in the league.  They lost to Tottenham on a last second goal and they inexplicibly lost to Middlesbrough (still not sure how that happened).  Since losing to Boro in February, the team hasn’t lost a Premier League game.

4.  Draws, draws and more draws.  Holy crap, Liverpool had 11 draws this season, yes, that’s right, 11.  They drew with Stoke twice (failing to even score a goal), Arsenal twice (or should I say Arsenal once and Andrei Arshavin once), Everton (on a last second Cahill equaliser), Wigan, Manchester City, West Ham, Fulham, Hull City and Aston Villa.  Had the Reds won even two of those games, we’d still be waiting to see who the champs would be.

5.  Injuries – particularly to Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.  Torres only made 19 starts this season as he had constant issues with his hamstring.  Gerrard made 29, missing games to hamstring issues as well.  When Gerrard and Torres play together, they form an incredible duo that can tear apart defenses (see here for example – SG’s first goal).  They didn’t get a chance to unleash their fury too much this year.  It makes you wonder what could’ve happened if they’d both been healthy all year.


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