Friedel gets red card rescinded, Rooney evades further FA action

24 Mar
Red - the color of the weekend

Red - the color of the weekend

Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Friedel had the red card he received in the game against Liverpool rescinded by the FA, which means that he will be available for the Premier League fixture against Manchester United on April 5.  It also means that he will continue his record streak of consecutive EPL appearances (currently at 182).  A good call I think because it was pretty obvious that Friedel wasn’t trying to take Torres out when he was open on goal – if anything, it looks like Friedel is trying to get out of his way so he won’t get called for anything.

Now on the other side of the ball, Mr. Wayne Rooney will not be playing against Aston Villa after receiving a red card against Fulham on Saturday.  Despite the complete disrespect and ridiculous reaction of Rooney, he will not be penalized any further by the FA.  Watch the clip and tell me you don’t think that deserves more than a one game ban.  Apparently he didn’t swear at the ref, but even so, he got in the ref’s face and it wasn’t pretty.  Even as you watch the clip, it looks like Rooney says ‘that’s bullshit’.  FA Respect campaign = FAIL.  Sorry for the long clip, but it shows his entire reaction, plus the play leading up to it.  If you start watching at about the 12:15 mark, you’ll see the whole Rooney fiasco – but if you want to watch Fulham embarass Man U, then by all means, watch the whole thing.

Fulham vs. Manchester United “Highlights”

Now forgive me the small rant, but it seems to me like refs are being treated like teachers in Baltimore.  The higher-ups say that they will take care of them and have their backs when the “students” do bad things, but then when something happens, there is no discipline.  It’s essentially like the teacher/ref doesn’t matter and their authority is nil.  Now maybe I’m being too sympathetic towards the refs, but I can’t help but feel like they are waging a losing battle against the excessive bitching of the primadonnas of football.


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