Real Madrid is the richest club in the world

13 Feb

Spanish giant Real Madrid topped the list of world’s richest football clubs based on revenue.  The list was compilled by accounting firm Deloitte.  All the teams on the list are European- England leads the way with seven teams, while Germany and Italy both have four.  Spain and France each have two, while Turkey’s Fenerbache also cracks the list.

1. Real Madrid, Spain,  €365.8 million ($576 million on June 30, 2008).
2. Manchester United, England, €324.8 million.
3. FC Barcelona, Spain, €308.8 million.
4. Bayern Munich, Germany, €295.3 million.
5. Chelsea, England, €268.9 million.
6. Arsenal, England, €264.4 million.
7. Liverpool, England, €210.9 million.
8. AC Milan, Italy, €209.5 million.
9. AS Roma, Italy, €175.4 million.
10. Inter Milan, Italy, €172.9 million.
11. Juventus, Italy, €167.5 million.
12. Lyon, France, €155.7 million.
13. Schalke, Germany, €148.4 million.
14. Tottenham, England, €145 million.
15. Hamburg, Germany, €127.9 million.
16. Marseille, France, €126.8 million.
17. Newcastle, England, €125.6 million.
18. Stuggart, Germany, €111.5 million.
19. Fenerbahce, Turkey, €111.3 million.
20. Manchester City, England, €104 million.


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