So long, title challenge!

28 Jan

For the second time in a little over a week, Liverpool gave up a late game-tying goal.  First, a 90th minute header from Everton’s Tim Cahill and today, a stupid move by Lucas resulted in a Wigan penalty in the 82nd minute.  I’ve tried to avoid questioning who’s in the squad for each game, but it reached a new point today.  With the score tied at 1-1 with about eight minutes left, it makes sense to bring on a striker right?  (You would think maybe a SECOND striker, however, Torres had already been taken out of the game at this point…why exactly, I have no answer for that.) However, it does not make sense to take off Steven Gerrard for Robbie Keane.  Sure, put Keane in, but take off Lucas since he committed the penalty or Babel or ANYONE BUT GERRARD

The reason for taking your two best players off the field was....

The reason for taking your two best players off the field was....

The Reds have now drawn NINE times this season.    With the draw, the Reds fall to third since Chelsea won today.  You can slowly but surely see the team’s confidence slipping.  No more words – will try to be more coherent after digesting another wasted opportunity.  I’ll let Yahoo! Eurosport do it for me:

“Benitez finally brings on Keane but OH NO WHAT IS HE DOING!!?? He takes Gerrard off. Gerrard!! The only man who scores late goals for you all the time! Your best player! After taking off your second-best player, the person next most likely to score late goals etc etc. I give up.”

“Sometimes I want to do painful, tortuous things to Rafa Benitez, like he does to me. He has taken off Torres – the only striker – and brought on Riera – a winger. Even though Keane and Kuyt are on the bench. AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!”


One Response to “So long, title challenge!”

  1. williamhill February 1, 2009 at 11:01 am #

    there are still alot of the league left, alot can happen between now and the end of the season

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