Happy Holidays Paul Ince, you’re fired!

16 Dec

Blackburn manager Paul Ince has been fired after a less than successful start to the season. The team has only managed three wins and has gone winless in their last 11 games and sits second from bottom in the table. Not a great start for Mr. Ince.

In the era of wanting immediate results, Ince is one of six managers to lose their job so far this season. Six of 20 – that’s 30% of Premier League managers that have been sacked since the season started four months ago.

Now I’ve said this before, but just because someone was an excellent Premier League player, that doesn’t automatically make them a successful EPL manager. I can understand the appeal of bring a player like Ince in as a manager, but again, in his case, he’s only had two seasons of management experience before moving to Blackburn. Years of experience are key in being a successful Premier League manager. I realize the only way to gain experience is to manage, but it doesn’t have to be on the EPL level.


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